"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Team Shoephoric: Building Audacious Dreams and Making Epic Memories
Monday, 18 April 2016

An out of town getaway with the team is the best way to celebrate the goals that we have achieved from the past few months. It provides us with the much needed reset and relaxation that we need while having fun and bonding.

I've always emphasized our core values to my team which promotes passion, innovation, fearlessness, gratitude and wellness. Our trip further strengthened it. Our conversations revolved around what we can do more to improve our services, our team and ourselves. We all understand that challenges happen for a reason and it's all to make us better and stronger. An occasion such as this perfectly serves as our way of thanking one another for the support that we've shown for each other which enabled us to achieve our goals faster and easier. Of course, when we're at the beach, we get to move more and burn those vacation calories at the same time. Nothing like seamlessly combining work and play!

The best days of my life are spent working and celebrating with my team who share my vision. We all look forward to working harder, improving everyday, growing bigger and stepping up to world class status. Cheers to more trips that unify and inspire!

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