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The Life Is Our Playground Video: Mastering The Game Of Life
Thursday, 27 April 2016

I'm onto something totally next level. I get giddy just by the thought of it.

Remember Life Is Our Playground (LIOP) and my downloadable Playbook? It's still up and running and you can have it by simply subscribing to my app or site.

This time, I've decided to create a video on how you can maximize the use of this Playbook further. I always thought it's effective but something struck me recently. A friend of mine loves it so much that she invited me to dinner to actually explain and demonstrate it with her friends. It was so interactive on so many levels and I loved every minute of it, it validated my labor of love. It felt so rewarding.

"Why not a LIOP video?"

So here it is, a video with me explaining the concept and how it can help you set and achieve your goals with user friendly segments. This video encourages you to take control and master the art of balance in this game we call life. 2016 is far from over and it's not too late to catch up!

See you soon!


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