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The Life Is Our Playground Video Part 2: Making Your Dreams Work for You.
Tuesday, 3, May 2016

Some projects you just can't move on from, because you see its potential, you see its benefits and because you, the creator, stand by it 101%. 

If you've seen Part 1, then this is the follow up to the Life Is Our Playground video, after explaining the concept, this one goes for the details on how each segment is used and how they work. All it takes is a few minutes of your time- I know it's something new but it indeed works. Given a positive mindset and your willingness to dedicate a little of your daily time for it. 

Imagine it as a virtual diary where you log in your hopes, dreams and thoughts. Claim it already, that the remaining part of the year will be moments of unstoppable wins. 

LIOP encourages you to list down your dreams and aspirations. Once listed, they become seen and felt and crawls its way into your subconscious, they become workable goals. Once these goals are listed as daily reminders, they become a part of your psyche- your system. That is LIOP's main goal, to make your goals visible, and help you attain them in do-able steps. Nothing is impossible with a playful and imaginative mind. 

Do check out the video. It's a new month and another productive week. It feels so good to come up with something creative. This is my contribution to the world and I'm so excited. 


Make Life YOUR Playground! 

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