"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Shoephoric: The Unboxing of Bigger Things to Come!
Thursday, 12, May 2016

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing what you love blossom into something big, into something that others can relate to and live by as well.

Starting out as just my way of organizing my beloved pairs, Shoephoric has turned into something bigger than what I've expected. From being fully immersed in luxury brands, I myself am now even more well versed in almost any shoe line. I've explored the whole circle- from Jordans, to skate shoes to runners and the current Yeezy craze, it's a personal thing, yet me and my team are seeing the fruits of our labor. It's an affirmation, that this passion is bound for something big!

From the website, to the app, to social media, to meeting different faces all over the world who are one of us, it's an awesome feeling that can be compared to unboxing a brand new pair. Only this time, it's unboxing opportunities to turn this lady's obsession into something of more epic proportions.

Proud to be Shoephoric!


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