"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
May: It Only Gets Better From Here!
Wednesday, 30, May, 2016

This month has come to an end but we've only just begun. You see, it only gets better and as we are nearing the bookend of this month and approaching the middle of the year, our pursuit for the best is unwavering!

The New Space - Located in the heart of Makati, we've finally opened the doors of Geeks MNL. Our headquarters to generate, incubate and turn our ideas to reality. It's a cool hangout that encourages thinking out of the box! The space is amazing.

New Global Shoephorics - Nothing like getting love and appreciation from farther parts of the world. Sneakers and shoes speak the universal language and to connect with them via what we made is truly a validation of what we do.


A New Avenue for Skill and Talent - Appstart Academy is our school that helps bridge the gap between visionaries and their dreams. The first batch is all set and we are looking forward on how we can help hone their skills. More info on Appstart here: appstartacademy.io

New Month, New Adventure - Finally, we are capping off the month of May to celebrate Women In Tech in Hong Kong! We are bringing the guys from the team as well for added support and to celebrate a very productive month of May!

This month all in all was indeed productive and we all can't wait what June has in store for us. With a team 110% onboard with my vision, impossible is nothing so we just do it. Pardon the sneaker slogans but that's how we carry out things here. Cheers for another month of unstoppable wins!

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