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Appstart Academy: Causes APPlied With A Heart
Thursday, 09 June 2016


I'm all about bridging the gap. I've experienced it from awesome friends, I've returned the favor numerous times but I still want to achieve helping others surpass hindrances and make it possible for them to reach their goals and aspirations.

This is my contribution...

As our school Appstart Academy is about to open its doors this June 20, we've come up with two projects housed within it...

One is to empower women and the other one as a helping hand in getting others started.

Apportunity Initiative

There is something so satisfying about the growing number of women in tech. It’s our contribution in encouraging women to step up and achieve their career goals in an often male-dominated industry. We believe that we can bridge the gender gap in technology and enable women to contribute and shine as creators and visionaries. It’s a form of sisterly love for our friends in the tech world. Call it breaking the stereotype, we call it sisters helping and looking out for each other.


Talent is definitely abundant and overflowing. It’s just a matter of looking deeper and helping those with awesome potential. APPrentice is our way of recognizing real talent and helping those who want to get started with the “Learn Now,  Pay Later or Join Us” option. Students can start learning right away on payment terms that they can live with. Upon the course’s completion, they can move to their chosen career paths or join our team.

We fully understand how it is to be an individual with goals and aspirations only to be hindered by financial circumstances or forces beyond our control. Yes, we may be in a business but we won’t let that prevent us from helping others reach what they perceive as impossible. We apply our values to our business. We take and apply them to heart.

Visit us at www.appstartacademy.io for more details. 

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