"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
To Love and Learn
Monday, 15 June 2016

"Learning is as Never-ending as Love."

That’s what I always say, so I make things happen but not in a necessarily tedious and stressful like other bosses do. I make it a point to make the process fun and engaging. What better way to do that than go back to Hongkong? Immersing ourselves once again in its rich culture and diving deep in the well of knowledge!

Last weekend, Divine and I went there to learn more about web and app analytics. Our team specializes in UX, development, cloud computing and digital marketing but I always feel like we need to get in depth with our data. So despite our crazy schedule, I grabbed the chance and boy, the insights and knowledge we got from our weekend was amazing. We’ve picked up a lot (aside from shoes, good chow and bags!) We picked up on a lot of concepts. Some of them can be found online but nothing can beat learning straight from the source, making each nugget of useful information more meaningful and readily applicable to what we do back home.

See, life is learning and a portion at least from our daily routine should be focused on continuously doing so. We should invest time and resources into it the same way we invest in the latest gadgets and equipment. Unlike them, knowledge will never go obsolete or out of style. To improve is a sign of living to the fullest and as we boarded our plane back to the Philippines I know we’ll be back with a vengeance... improvements to get us on a roll!

One thing I've learned through the years is to make it a point to learn something new everyday, it need not be something grand or life changing but something that could add up to stellar results in the future. There is no rest for learning and as long as we have blood running through our veins no matter what our stature in life may be it should go on and on- you can be in college or a bigshot CEO, but learning is life. Aside from learning itself, to travel while you're at it makes the deal more awesome and fulfilling.

Invest in learning... see the priceless results.

Live. Love. Learn. 


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