"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
My Shoephoric Unboxing
Tuesday, 22 June 2016

Being multipassionate has always been a part of me. From creating businesses, being fully immersed and experienced in tech, living well and fit and sharing my learnings through speaking and teaching. I love doing them as long as my body and time permits me to do so.

It's also my habit of making my obsessions bigger which brings me to more exciting things. I love shoes and my idea of building a community from it has turned into something special and big. It has brought me countless friends, adventures and definitely more pairs to enjoy. It's pure bliss to see it growing even more!

Last month, my team raised my attention that they haven't featured me yet. Come to think of it, I guess it's the perfect time to do so. The Shoephoric community is growing, the app is running and members are getting curious about my shoecollection which I haven't posted in its entirety until now. Every pair I own is just like me- we have a story to tell.

If you do have a love for shoes like me, feel free to read through the feature here: http://goo.gl/384vgG

I'm so excited to finally share my Shoephoric story to the world. Feels like unboxing a new pair, it never gets old!

Be Shoephoric!

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