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The Appstart Academy Presscon Experience
Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Last Friday was one of the most exciting days of my life. It was indeed a validation of our life's works and pursuits. It was a solid proof that our vision had a follow through, it wasn't just about the dream, it's about making it happen. In my case, it's building the first ever App Academy in the Philippines. With determination and skills and whole lot of positivity, the academy is built. And now the presscon has lit the torch for the Philippines to notice.

Seeing the assembly of notable bloggers and journalists from all over gathered to hear out what we have to offer is indeed proof that we are up to something special. Aside from citing the situation that our local talent is facing, I've also shared my story - our story on how we built the school from the idea of bridging the gap. That it's my main motivation for every project I come up with. This one aims to bridge the gap between the passionate individuals and their pursuits. Dreams that may never happen because of the lack of any institution willing to provide mentorship and training- that's where Appstart Academy comes in.

Of course it's all about making this vision fly but at the end of the day, it's about helping others succeed as well. Through this institution, I am looking forward to the benefits and rewards of the heart and soul - priceless, to see each of these individuals make a name for themselves and launch their apps in 12 weeks is the best thing ever. I will be in the frontseat when it happens and I can't wait for Appstart Academy to surprise me even further.

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