"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Finding My Haven of Happiness
Wednesday, 31 August 2016

It took awhile for me to understand what it meant when they say you are your own source of joy and happiness. We tend to look at what we constantly yearn for and forget appreciating what we have now.

I overheard a young man say: "I am happy I found the church but I wish my family was here too. It's sad when I see others with their families. I feel incomplete because I wish I can share this new found joy with them."

His sentiment made me realize that we should learn to completely appreciate what we have. No if's or but's. Our hearts may always wish for something more but this should not bring us sadness or disappointment. Hope, not expectation will make us joyful. I always believe that if you keep what you wish for in your heart and it is good for you, it will happen.

Loving, sharing, being mindful and grateful while going through our daily chores serve as our best armor against discontent which in turn prevents us from being totally complacent. If this is our mindset, we'll be inspired to be better but grounded in the belief that our source of real happiness comes from complete appreciation of our ourselves. Accept, appreciate and enjoy life even more.

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