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Cheers to 5 Shoephoric Years
Tuesday, 11 October 2016

It's the last quarter of the year but Shoephoric never stops. Every time October hits, that only means one thing- it's a month long celebration!

Celebrating what? you may ask. It's Shoephoric's 5th Anniversary. From our simple beginnings, it has blossomed into something bigger than we've expected. From our personal shoe collections, it has become a worldwide connection for shoe lovers everywhere!

Last year, we've launched the Shoephoric App. It was a first for us and the community. It was a definite win and it inspired us to create a better version.

Shoephoric 1.5 is the result of actual user experience and feedback. It promises a more active and social setup to bring together not only local shoe lovers but the global populace as well.

Aside from that, we're counting the days for the launch of the first ever Shoephoric Book which can be purchased from the App Store and will come in printed form as well. From the overwhelming submissions we received and the warm reception to our weekly and monthly features, we aim to immortalize our members' best shoephoric moments. Not only the pairs worn, but the story behind every photo.

October 28 marks the celebration of All Soles' Day where these labors of love will be launched. It also is a great opportunity for us and the Shoephoric community to finally see the faces behind the awesome shots and pairs. It's a very exciting time that words cannot express.

The coming months offer more windows for opportunities and possibilities. Shoephoric is my baby. I take care of it and give it the Tender Loving Care it needs. Growth comes naturally when the seeds you've sown come from unconditional love and unlimited passion.

Always be Shoephoric!

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