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MondayMagic: Your Weekly Dose of Positive Vibes
Monday, 21 November 2016

What do you think of Monday? Is it a stressfest? A true test of patience? A challenge to your willpower and wits?

To be honest with you, all the traffic and the hectic nature of Monday may never change but we can do something about it to start our week right.

With the right attitude and a positive mindset we can turn Monday from manic to magic. I'd like to make sure we all start the week inspired so here's my gift for you...

MondayMagic is my own little way of sending good vibes your way. Lovingly taken from my archive of quotes and inspirational tidbits, expect one today and the succeeding Mondays ahead.

Use them as your weekly kickstarters. Forget about dreading the week ahead, instead put on some tunes and get a happy dose of MondayMagic:

"Never forget gratitude. It's that special place where happiness comes from."

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