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Shoephoric Singapore: When Shoe Love Travels Far
Monday, 08, December 2016

Isn't it epic when your passion gives you the reason to explore and experience more out of life?

My birthday month unfolded in the most exciting way... I just flew to Singapore this weekend with my team to finally meet our Shoephoric friends. The experience was totally awesome.

Isn't it amazing to think how our common love for shoes gave us the opportunity to build friendships that transcend borders? If you ask me, I have countless memorable shoephoric moments to share since we started this network and this one goes up there as one of the best experiences. It was all about being spontaneous and making things happen.

Hearing shoephoric stories from our growing community warms my heart a lot! It's truly inspiring to see the bond formed through shoephoric, which motivates us further to take this social network that connects shoe lovers globally. The best is yet to come!

For now I'm excited to give you our coverage of the meet up in Singapore. Do watch out for it via the app and shoephoric.com

It's true when they say "Good shoes take you places."

Always Be Shoephoric!

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