"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Saturday, 24, December 2016

You learn as you grow. That's the way I see it. It's the life in your years that count and not the other way around.

My birthday will not be complete without my annual reflection on how things turned out this year - highlights, lessons as well as dreams for the coming year.

2016 Highlights

- We completed my personal dream app - LIOP AND IT'S READY FOR LAUNCH!

- We launched more apps and more websites!

- I travelled for work, leisure and had the best time traveling with my family and team.

- I got to meet Shoephoric members around the world.

- I finally was able to do wheel pose in yoga! This used to be an impossible feat for me so it affirms that nothing is impossible if you believe you can achieve it. With consistent effort, it's bound to happen!

- I learned Transcendental Meditation and regularly practice it now. It's the best gift I've ever given myself.

- I followed my vision board of a Boho Home and it never fails to give me continuous adventure! It stretches my imagination and feeds my creativity. My Earthy Bohemian home is my canvas for all things that ground me and make me renewed.

Lessons Learned

- Diligently Write Down Your Dreams. Write, plan, review it everyday. It's easy to be distracted and lose focus of your goals. I'm really glad that LIOP is now an app. It will be my system to make the most out of everyday doing what I love and making sure I play in each area of our life's playground. It's all about LOVE and BALANCE for 2017.

- The Rewards of the Soul is Immeasurable If You Follow Your Bliss. We all have to pursue something that will quench our mind, body and soul. It is pure bliss if you follow that which makes you feel alive and forever young. One of these things for me is definitely dancing! It's not anymore about getting excellent or polishing techniques for me but it's all about feeling my heart dance to every beat. I only need a few moments every now and then to dance. After that I feel energized, ageless and complete.

- Melancholy Is Inevitable. It shouldn't dampen our day. Who doesn't want to be happy everyday right? When you are ecstatic you feel like you can conquer the world but life comes with dips that can challenge our spirits. Our day can transition between happy and troubled. I think that it's just a mellowing down of emotions so we can find ways to be happy again. A grateful mindset will bring us joy and hope everyday.

- Always carry a happy heart. The universe will surprise you in many ways you can never imagine. Positivity rings at the right doors and soon enough, your mindset will let the good vibes in!


I'm excited and more confident to face the new year with all the wisdom that 2016 taught me. With LIOP in my hand anytime anywhere, I know that it's easier to fulfill all of what my heart desires. Life is a Playground and I'll make sure I'll be there for the ride!

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