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LIOP: Getting Up Close and Personal
Monday, 23 January 2017

Creativity becomes infinite when you're passionate about something... For me, it's LIOP.

Whenever I write on my LIOP Playbook, my ideas just keep flowing. I find myself jumping from my 5 Big Goals to my Daily Planner to my Weekly Gameplan. Further ideas get written down in my Notes. The LIOP Playbook is a result of my love for writing and making goals. I'm happily surprised because the Playbook has already become a system for me to effectively organize all my ideas, plans and thoughts. Because LIOP has improved the way I think and write, my days have never been more fulfilling. I am able to do different things in the areas of our life's playground and that makes me feel complete everyday. It also serves as a checklist for things that I may have been neglecting. LIOP is like a guardian who reminds me to live in love and balance.

New Goals, New Desires

The year has just started and with LIOP by my side I know that I can do a lot more everyday. With the big picture of this year already in my Playbook's Vision, I know I'll be even more inspired everyday to keep getting better. Each day, each year should bring me closer to my Desired Life.

Effectivity Applied

It has been my biggest wish to turn the LIOP Playbook into an app because it is the most effective way I know that I can use it. Now that it's already in the App Store, I wish that you will try it out too and see how it will help you. I'm just an email away (ann@lifeisourplayground.com) if you have questions. Hope you can share with me your experience with LIOP via #liop #lifeisourplayground.

It's a creative surge of positivity that shows no sign of slowing down... once you get ahold of it, you're in for a LIOP ride!

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