"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
The Shoephoric #LifeIsOurPlayground Giveaway
Monday, 06 January 2017

Life is much more colorful and sweeter when you live it to the fullest with balance in mind. Like a new batch of baked donuts, the secret is in the mix, from the dough, to the cream, to the sweetness and consistency, it has to be balanced perfectly. That's what LIOP is made for... a balanced lifestyle that gets sweeter and sweeter with each bite.

You all know me! I personally am enamored by shoes, there are pairs that resonate with me that make me say "I want this pair!" This collaboration by Vans with rap/hip-hop group Odd Future is love at first sight. The concept, the colors simply scream LIOP... I am so in love with them! Since I love them that much, I decided to let go of one of each for our Shoephoric #LifeIsOurPlayground Giveaway, the instructions are simple. Check the contest mechanics here and good luck. May you take home this sweet catch from my Shoephoric Shoeseum!

Have a great week ahead and maintain that flavor!

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