"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
My Birthday Reflection
Saturday, 24, December, 2017

My biggest take away from 2017
Would be harmonizing life’s ironies.

The highs bring so much pleasure.
We either get overly indulgent
or fear that the lows are coming.

The lows are painful
It makes us question life
and doubt ourselves and our purpose.

Both shall come to pass.
Hope, patience,
acceptance, submission and joy
Will carry us through.

Here are my biggest life’s ironies.
Through it all, I learned
self love and gratitude.
All will be well.

Defiance / Going With The Flow

Being vulnerable / Clammed Up

Taking Risk / Security

Making Efforts / Serendipity

Obsessing / Letting Go

Fear of Insignificance / Having Impact

Stress and Pain / Comfort and Pleasure

Reflecting and looking forward has brought me here,
in this state of strength, determination
and appreciation of how beautiful life is.

The oppositions of life
The share of ups and downs
It’s the purpose of living.
Balance makes everyday interesting
And worth looking forward to.

We live. We learn. Cheers!

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