"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
My Birthday Reflection
Saturday, 24, December, 2017
Balance makes everyday interesting and worth looking forward to.
The LIOP 2017 Playbook: Writing Your Life's Bestseller
Monday, 22 February 2017
2017 will be our best year yet. The best story to be told, you are the author of this bestseller.
Monday, 20 February, 2017
From being inspired to inspiring others, the LIOP Starter is the best thing to happen to your February!
The Shoephoric #LifeIsOurPlayground Giveaway
Monday, 06 January 2017
May you take home this sweet catch from my Shoephoric Shoeseum!
LIOP: Getting Up Close and Personal
Monday, 23 January 2017
Life has its awesome way of making my dreams come true. The biggest one of them yet, is for me to share LIOP to the world.
www.lifeisourplayground.com - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Monday, 16 January 2017
You are wholeheartedly invited to our housewarming.
Pause, Play, Repeat: The Art of LIOP
Monday, 09 January 2017
This little technique have always worked for me and I hope it helps you too.
Living and Loving the Shoephoric Dream... Now a Magazine!
Thursday, 05 January 2016
See, when the love for shoes and what you do daily takes over, the results can exceed even your wildest of expectations.
The LIOP Playbook: Thinking Ahead, Making It Happen This 2017
Monday, 02, January, 2017
We are our life's scriptwriters. Through LIOP, we can write a truly inspired one!
Saturday, 24, December 2016
My birthday will not be complete without my annual reflection on how things turned out this year - highlights, lessons as well as dreams for the coming year.
LIOP Everywhere: From Sunrise to Sundown
Monday, 19, December 2016
I can't wait for the magic to unfold soon!
Love, Balance and Life as My Playground
Wednesday, 07, December 2016
I would be the happiest girl in the universe once we have all green lights for LIOP!
Shoephoric Singapore: When Shoe Love Travels Far
Monday, 08, December 2016
It's true when they say "Good shoes take you places."
December: The Merriest Month Ever
Thursday, 01 December 2016
May we all get to celebrate this season with love, joy and hope. Life will only get better with a grateful heart and an inspired soul.
MondayMagic: Your Weekly Dose of Positive Vibes
Monday, 21 November 2016
Lovingly taken from my archive of quotes and inspirational tidbits, expect one this Monday and the succeeding weeks ahead.
A Soleful Night to Remember
Tuesday, 08 November 2016
I would personally like to thank everyone for celebrating with us. It was indeed a special night to remember.
The Gift of Catching Up: To Our Best Year Ever
Monday, 07 November 2016
I'm very excited and happy to let you know that an UPDATE for my App is now available in the App Store.
Beautiful Things Unfolding Naturally through LIOP
Tuesday, 18 October 2016
LIOP is very special to me because through it I found the answer to my daily happiness.
Cheers to 5 Shoephoric Years
Tuesday, 11 October 2016
It's the last quarter of the year but Shoephoric never stops. Every time October hits, that only means one thing- it's a month long celebration!
Finding My Haven of Happiness
Wednesday, 31 August 2016
I always believe that if you keep what you wish for in your heart and it is good for you, it will happen.
The Appstart Academy Presscon Experience
Tuesday, 26 July 2016
Of course it's all about making this vision fly but at the end of the day, it's about helping others succeed as well.
The Power Of Expression
Friday, 15 July 2016
To be able to make the power of expression work, you have to look deep into your heart and thoughts, know what you want and go for it.
White adidas Gazelle is Love
Tuesday, 12 July 2016
It took one rainy stroll and the sight of it on display. I had to cop.
APPreciating the Past for a Better Future
Monday, 04, July, 2016
Now that we have our own venue to teach about innovation, I just know everything that happened in the past prepared me for this.
My Shoephoric Unboxing
Tuesday, 22 June 2016
I'm so excited to finally share my Shoephoric story to the world.
Appstart Academy: Winning In The App Economy
Monday, 20, June, 2016
Today in Appstart Academy, our first session was about Winning In The App Economy and it all starts with your 12 week iOS Development Immersive.
To Love and Learn
Monday, 15 June 2016
One thing I've learned through the years is to make it a point to learn something new everyday, it need not be something grand or life changing but something that could add up to stellar results in the future.
Appstart Academy: Causes APPlied With A Heart
Thursday, 09 June 2016
Yes, we may be in a business but we wonít let that prevent us from helping others reach what they perceive as impossible.
Appstart Academy: Nowhere to Go But App!
Monday, 06, June 2016
As an advocate of honing true unfiltered talent, I believe that this is our contribution... Finally, Appstart Academy is opening its doors this June 20!
May: It Only Gets Better From Here!
Wednesday, 30, May, 2016
As we are nearing the bookend of this month and approaching the middle of the year, our pursuit for the best is unwavering!
Shoephoric: The Unboxing of Bigger Things to Come!
Thursday, 12, May 2016
Starting out as just my way of organizing my beloved pairs, Shoephoric has turned into something bigger than what I've expected.
The Life Is Our Playground Video Part 2: Making Your Dreams Work for You.
Tuesday, 3, May 2016
If you've seen Part 1, then this is the follow up to the Life Is Our Playground video, after explaining the concept, this one goes for the details on how each segment is used and how they work. This is my contribution to the world and I'm so excited!
The Life Is Our Playground Video: Mastering The Game Of Life
Thursday, 27 April 2016
Remember Life Is Our Playground (LIOP) and my downloadable Playbook? I've decided to create a video on how you can maximize the use of this Playbook further.
Team Shoephoric: Building Audacious Dreams and Making Epic Memories
Monday, 18 April 2016
The best days of my life are spent working and celebrating with my team who share my vision.
The Selfie Chronicles: Realizing the Rewards of the Soul
Wednesday, 06 April 2016
NOW I fully understand that the most important things in my life CAN NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY.
Catching Z's and Your A-Game
Wednesday, 29 March 2016
With the end of the quarter closing in, I'm more fired up! The best first step for me is to head to the bedroom and dive headfirst into dreamland.
IF Works: The Art of Mastering Your IF's
Tuesday, 22 March 2016
The word ďIfĒ brings so much possibilities to the point that itís almost magical. When applied to your daily experiences, it makes all the difference.
The Power Of The Platform: Helping You Bridge The Gap
Thursday, 17 March 2016
We're not just making it easier for you, we make tech much more accessible for you and your business!
The App for Creating, Living and Inspiring
Tuesday, 15 March 2016
It has always been my dream to have an app that I can purely call my own. One that will carry my everyday passions and learnings - an avenue to inspire and contribute.
Making My Impact Felt: annjacobe.com
Tuesday, 08 March 2016
When I started www.annjacobe.com I wasn't out to change the world but I made sure that I had a say and fast forward from two years ago, I can say that I made and am still consistently making my impact felt.
A Month Of Reflection and Inspiration
Wednesday, 02 March 2016
There is never an actual season dedicated to one's family, it's an everyday commitment, a labor of love- but if there's a month I solely focused on them, it would be last February.
Life Is Our Playground Playbook: What This Means To Me
Tuesday, 16 February 2016
I wish to share this digital journal with you and together letís turn the tide and make 2016 The Year of Unstoppable Wins!
Everything That's New is Everything I am
Monday, 8, February 2016
It may be a cliche, but a new look for my site is one of the ways I want to start this year with.
The Shoephoric App: The Value Of A Dream Come True
Thursday, 5, November 2015
Never have I been this giddy everyday. It's like giving birth to something special and taking care of it every single day to make it greater.
The Appstart Academy: And so it begins...
Thursday, 1, October, 2015
I have channelled my resources, energies and time to make this dream of mine a reality. This dream has unfolded in the form of Appstart Academy.
The Ultraboost Duality
Thursday, 24, September 2015
For me, life is a beautiful collage of dualities. I needed both pairs. It may sound like an excuse for buying 2 pairs in one go, but I just had to.
The Beauty of Finding Your Purpose
Monday, 01, September 2015
I didn't expect the outcome to be this big. Life changing? You can definitely say that.
Meet the Apple of My Eye
Thursday, 13, August, 2015
I am in love. Never have I been so obsessed with something that gives me so much more than time.
A Knowledge Buffet: The RISE Conference HK Experience
Thursday, 06, August, 2015
I definitely was satisfied with the experience and I am so excited to share with you bits and pieces of my RISE knowledge buffet experience... dig in!
The Elusive User Experience
Monday, 03, August, 2015
The talk of Josh Holmes on UX Design from the Rise Conference made me think of how elusive great user experience has been.
Stripes Earned: The adidas Stella McCartney Ultra Boost
Tuesday, 28, 2015
This one will definitely be worn with pride laced with a story that I'll always have fun repeating over and over in my head. Stripes are earned, not given.
Winning the War of Self
Thursday, 23, July, 2015
Call it an emotional exercise, but to continuously question the self and reaffirm your goals won't hurt.
A Vision of Change and Improvement: Fast Forward. Future Perfect.
Thursday, 16 July 2015
We can make things happen if we put our minds and hearts into them, after all it is the lifeline of everything we do.
Built to Last: The Blueprint for Improvement
Tuesday, 30, June, 2015
This month was a rollercoaster of knowledge and was quite the emotional powerhouse that I had to face. But with every trial comes a silver lining. Let me share with you my learnings for this month.
The Great Leap Made! The Nike Cortez x Liberty
Wednesday, 17, June, 2015
A classic Forrest Gump favorite given an artful twist, this pair will remind me of my life changing decision. The future looks bright and so does this pair.
Half Year Triumph
Wednesday, 3, June 2015
"Not bad, not bad at all." That's what I was saying to myself on my way home from my latest adventure. The mere fact that I am always out and about exploring the possibilities is already the sign that half of my 2015 is already won.
A Soleful Tribute: The Nike Dunk SB De La Soul Low
Thursday, 21, May, 2015
Green for growth. Brown for keeping my feet on the ground and the yellow for my positive outlook.
Soaring for More: The KD 7 Aunt Pearl
Monday, 11, May, 2015
There are shoes that take you somewhere awesome. That sweet place that makes you remember the past, appreciate the present and aim high for the future.
Truly Dedicated: The Gypsy Dream Collection
Wednesday, 22, April, 2015
When you focus on something you've been aiming to do for the longest time, it will happen, destiny has it, but your determination will dictate your project's fate, I've taken this project to heart and I have a deep personal connection to it. My family, my team... all of us.
Pop Art on Feet! The adidas Superstar 80's x Rita Ora
Wednesday, 25, March, 2015
I am a huge fan of color. And when a huge amount is applied to my object of obsession, my heart skips a beat and I feel the need to own it. That unexplainable feeling of falling in love with a work of art is something that I'd refer to as a "shoephoric" high!
Three Striped Shades of Grey: The adidas Tubulars
Thursday, 5, March, 2015
Being a fan of athletic and lifestyle footwear, I sometimes just go for the usual models with the colorways being the deciding factor in what to buy. But there's a brand that's been catching my fancy lately. Their stores are staples in my mall destinations everytime I'm making the shopping rounds. I got the three-striped buzz. There's something about the brand that draws me in, be it the memories that the classics bring, or the new stuff they bring to the table that makes me excited with every release. See, I'm all for creativity and innovation that challenges the senses and what a sneaker should be. I want something that is satisfying visually and when worn.
No Nuts? No Glory! My Peanut Butter Indulgence
Friday, 20, February 2015
Peanut Butter- just the thought of it makes me giddy on the inside. I have always been a fan of the nutty treat whether on its own, as a partner with bread or an ingredient for cooking, peanut butter will always have a place in my heart. But coming from a DIY standpoint and my quest for everything dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free, I've created something special from the ground up. From the peanut butter base down to the ice cream itself, it's sweet and nutty sans the guilt with no compromise on flavor!
Happy 20th Birthday, Toska!
Tuesday, 17, February 2015
My Dearest Toska, I can't believe you are already 20! I can still clearly remember when we were preparing for your debut. I also remember how beautiful you were in your white gown and the way you wowed us with your waltz and tango. It was a celebration full of love and happiness. I look at you now and I see a beautiful young woman, yet I can still see the adorable baby in you.
Romance Never Tasted This Good: Love at First Bite
Friday, 13, February, 2015
Ah, Valentine's Day, the season for love, the color red, fancy dinners and oh yes, sweets! There's something about sweets particularly chocolate that adds to the romantic aspect of the season, maybe it's the flavor and the sensation it brings to the table that makes it the champion for pure romantic bliss! Being the love witch (!) that I am ( I am such a master of the sweet, BUT healthy arts) I have created a treat that will tickle you and your partner's fancy... I call it Love at First Bite.
Three Stripe Love: The adidas Superstar Up
Tuesday, 10, February, 2015
If there is that one shoe that can remind me of the good old days then it would be one that is rich with appeal and history. From sports, to music, to pop culture this particular shoe is unrivaled, its appeal encompassing, immortal and still is relevant to this day. I'm talking about the adidas Superstars. They are the epitome of sexy in a shoe. From the court down to arena halls, down to the rap- rock revival of the 90's, this particular model reminds me not only of the ones I mentioned above but my life as well.
All Woman All Art: adidas originals X Mary Katrantzou
Friday, 06, February, 2015
I am a fan of art. I love how colors combine and make for masterpieces that captivate the emotions. Aesthetically awesome and memorable. Such a food for the senses that I will always be a fan of. I've always considered shoes to be a legit form of art, functional art that can be displayed as you move, which makes it better because they just don't stay indoors, they demand action and movement!
Best When Written
Thursday, 05, February 2015
If I am to base how exciting my 2015 will be by January alone, then I definitely can't wait!! It pays to make everything count - by action, by plans and with writing as well! Let me usher you in on how my January went!
Nature Ready: Deadwoods adidas ZX Flux
Friday, 30, January 2015
Everyday is a challenge... and I should be equipped with the right go-to-pair! Sneakers for me are everyday companions. I want a pair that can accompany me everywhere for any purpose. Whether it be the gym or the workplace. As much as I love bright and skittle-colored shoes, I also have an occasional thing for the earthy, nature-inspired ones. For some reason, these bring out the nature loving side of me!
Pretty in Pink...and Black! The Saucony Black Razz!
Thursday, 22, January 2015
There are shoes that come my way that I like but can do without. I just let the feeling pass and I'm OK. On the other hand, there are THOSE PAIRS that get you. Pairs that connect with you, that you just need to have them. Enter, the Black Razz Saucony Shadows. This had me at hello. Once I saw them, I couldn't resist.
Music, Lyrics & Avocado!
Wednesday, 21, January 2015
I have fallen in love with 2 things last week... Jason Mraz's music and the Almighty Avocado! Let me start with the man behind the music... Jason Mraz has always been on my playlist with a few songs here and there but now that I've paid attention, his songs speak to me, his heartfelt lyricism and wit and the sexiness of his voice incomparable to none. Every song is a tug at the heartstrings. My musical curiosity led me to an article sharing Jason's lifestyle, I had "kilig" moments that this guy shares the same passion for organic living like I do which is really awesome! Kinda magical even (haha)! From his success he has acquired an avocado ranch supplying restaurants and even soup kitchens... on top of that, he's almost vegetarian which is really inspiring. This inspiration led me to reunite with my kitchen once more with Avocado as the Star of the Kitchen... introducing the Avocado Pesto ala Jason Mraz!
My 2015 Cleanseploration Adventure
Tuesday, 12, January 2015
"Our bodies are our gardens , our wills are our gardeners." -William Shakespeare Ahh, the word Cleanseploration-is something that I coined for myself and others who may be interested in the process. After all the eating and binging from the 2014 festivities, a brand new Cleanseploration adventure is in order! Lechon, rice (a lot of it) plus desserts with a lot of sugar, gluten, egg and dairy got me carried way. Blame it on the spirit of celebration. (We all need something to blame, right?) By the end of my vacation, I was bloated! I felt like I gained belly fat and looking at the mirror, I wasn't doing justice to the crops I usually rock and yeah, the 2 piece I've been dreaming of wearing! Plus, my main motivation on top of the physical is my longing for the clarity of space, body and mind. So here's my 5-day Cleanseploration journal...
Decluttering before the New Year: Staycation Rewards
Tuesday, 30, December 2014
If there's a detox process for the body, we can detoxify our living spaces as well. It's pretty refreshing to just stay home and get rid of all the clutter I've accumulated for 2014. Re-organizing also brings me the opportunity to appreciate again what I have. Here are some awesome benefits of decluttering/organizing for 2015!
12 Life Learnings + Digital Planner: My Christmas/Birthday Gift For You
Wednesday, December 24 2014
Once again it's Christmas time! I feel special for having my birthday on December, when friends and family take time to get together and celebrate. This month is always a series of parties that culminates on Christmas Eve which is also my birthday! I think that this is a manifestation of God's love for me. Every year on my birthday, I make it a point to reflect on what I've learned for the whole year! I broke it down to 12 parts, one life lesson a month (or two)! It's my way of counting my blessings and looking forward to another exciting year ahead.
A Prelude to Greatness: The 4X Shoe Review
Friday, 19, December 2014
I consider shoes as signs for great things to come! This week, my shoe review is dedicated to a man of pure grit and talent, a prime example of determination magnified. Kobe Bryant has been reported to have surpassed Michael Jordan's scoring legacy, reaching a whopping 32,293 points! Kobe is an inspiration! The man's consistency doesn't just reflect in his scoring abilities, but his beautiful sneakers as well, same as the case with his "Prelude" series. 4 pairs from the pack have landed a spot in my shoeseum!
If the Shoe Fits: What Makes Me Euphoric
Monday, 15, December 2014
We all have a case of Collector's Frenzy, in my case, I have a very strong craving for shoes! It's a fun passion of mine which led me to meet so many interesting collectors of different age groups, I'm not called Shoephoric for nothing! Haha! Mega Magazine just released their December 2014 Issue with a Fashion Feature dubbed as "The Collectors". I was featured with Janina Dizon Hoschka - the Jeweller, Maureen Disini - the Fashion Book Collector and Ingrid Chua Go - the Bag Hag and me of course as that woman who loves shoes!
Not Your Average Tita from Manila: Redefining the Stereotype
Thursday, 11, December 2014
The word "tita" is a staple within Philippine circles often entailing the old school side of things... I'm referred to as such and I don't really mind it, but to be referred to as one of the Cool Titas of Manila by www.bench.com.ph is another thing, it's something that made my week! To be the COOL TITA is to be DIFFERENT and NON CONVENTIONAL, ready to take on change without totally leaving the traditional. I feel that I have achieved a nice balance between the normal and the revolutionary.
The Ice Cream Cake Challenge!
Friday, 5, December 2014
Who says sweets can't be healthy? I've always been the adventurous one creating Ice Cream Cakes of different flavors and textures on a whim, sometimes I just let my imagination and taste buds fly. The challenge is to come up with creations that will appeal to even the non-health conscious, they are meant for everyone's discerning taste, especially those who can't stop feasting on the sweet side of things!
The Five-Way AJ Shoe Review!
Tuesday, 02, December 2014
There's that line that goes something like "Shoes define the individual", I may just be a living proof of that... Lately, I've been on a Shoephoric high. I've been taking home shoes that are comfortable with the colors to match, pairs that I can rock in and out of the gym. It's the awesome fact that I can slip in and out of these kicks with little or no effort at all. These are pairs that won't be gathering dust on display in my shoe museum, they are gonna get some action, creases and stories to tell. May I introduce you to my new friends...
Life Is Our Playground Balance Sourcebook and Digital Planner
Monday, 1, December 2014
I can't contain my excitement with this project that I've been developing and testing myself for a few months now. It's my early Christmas gift for you! If you are looking for a fresh new way to re-evaluate and breathe new life into your current lifestyle... If you are searching for a different method in prioritizing the different aspects of your life... If you want to OWN THE GAME OF LIFE...THIS SOURCEBOOK/PLANNER IS FOR YOU!
Fantasy Mud Pie
Friday, November 28, 2014
Call it my 3 layered treat of bittersweet awesomeness, my Thanksgiving masterpiece, my three headed crown of flavorful vegan goodness... the Fantasy Mudpie! My very own ice cream cake recipe done with 3 layers of chocolate crumbs made from unsweetened chocolate, chestnuts and dates and 2 layers of Ann's DFIC Chocolate Crumble.
Ann's DFIC X Status Yardsale: A Sweet Recap
Tuesday, 18, November 2014
Last Sunday was a nice serving of more awesome things to come for my labor of love, Ann's Dairy Free Ice Cream. All I can say is that if it's our first taste of a trade show/bazaar setting, then I can't get enough of it. It was all for the love of Ice Cream that day. We got the casual to the most hardcore of Ice Cream lovers, I even met those who experience lactose intolerance as well, they love the idea that finally, they can enjoy artisanal ice cream without the heartbreak. And yes, everyone was amused that an explosion of flavors can come from a dairy free "alternative" - they just can't have enough of it!
Friend Appreciation Day- Because I said so!
Thursday, 13, November 2014
The best things in life are free, as cliche as it may sound, it is definitely true. The company of people you enjoy being around with the most, those who see you through from the best to the worst of times. They are individuals who I treasure and cherish like they are sisters and brothers from another mother. It's an awesome feeling to be with them.
On a Shoephoric High: My All Soles Day Recap!
Thursday, 29, October 2014
Monday night... for a 3rd year anniversary party? "Baka konti ang pumunta, kasi Monday?" NO, we were jampacked! We had so much fun for the Shoephoric 'All Soles Day' event that we organized right here at The Playground- it was surreal. To think that all of this began from one idea which led to another. judging from the number of friends and supporters and fellow shoephorics present I can safely say that shoephoric.com is not just a website, it has become bigger than what it's intended to be. It's a special circle but exclusive to none, it's welcoming to everyone who shares the same passion- the insatiable love for shoes.
Life is My Playground
Tuesday, 21, October 2014
We all go through challenges and struggles every day. I have accepted them as natural catalysts of resistance to our growth. They say that the harder they are, the stronger we become. With that mindset, we might as well enjoy life everyday and the best way to get us to that mindset is to treat Life as our Playground. Here's how I view life as a playground... there are 5 areas in our lives where we should play everyday.
The Game Theory
Tuesday, 14, October 2014
Just last week I have formulated a theory... In this world we have a lot of differences - characters, beliefs, attitudes, interests, preferences. But despite those differences, we form partnerships, companionships, teams, groups that are based on common ground. Relationships withstand the test of time when we share common goals and values with our partner or group. A strong bond is established that resolves any indifferences that may arise along the way. In this context, we don't form bonds or we separate or break away from people who don't share these commonalities with us. We grow faster when we are with people who share similar strong attributes as us. It is best to let go of relationships that present more resistance to our growth due to differences. It is not about putting people in cookie cutter molds or judging them. It is about forming bonds with people who will advance and grow with you because you believe in the same cause and share the same values. Coming from that newfound belief, I have created an open letter to my team...
The Faces Behind the Footwork: Meet the Shoephoric Team!
Tuesday, 7, October 2014
Entering almost 3 years in the scene, I feel that it's high time that we introduced the individuals behind Shoephoric. We have been head over heels (pardon the pun) in bringing shoe communities together as well as coming up with new ways to share and market wares for the shoentrepreneurs. The love for shoes serve only as a vehicle as we want it to lead to the growth of the community and veer it towards socially-relevant causes. One humble step at a time. For this month of October, we took the liberty of introducing ourselves to everyone... still as passionate and shoephoric as ever!
A Brilliant Transformation
Friday, 26 September 2014
By focusing on the 4cs you may find the clarity focus and inspiration you need for your business. Like diamonds in the rough, experience smoothens out the edges and brings out the shine and luster that we all aim for.
Wednesday, 17, September 2014
Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors. In his latest book The Icarus Deception, he gave a different meaning to what art is. Something that we can apply to what we do, to renew the fire inside us. We in the IT or Business fields might think that we are no artists. That what we do is practical stuff, not art. Have you ever felt that when you talk about business or computer-related stuff, you have no artistry in you? That what you do is just plain work or responsibility. That it's mechanical - no heart, no emotion... I disagree! Although I love what I do with so much passion, I used to have that mindset that I am no artist. Learning about this new perspective of art changed my concept of work and made me appreciate what I do more. It inspired me to be even better at work and generally in everything I do - IT, business management, dancing, wellness and motherhood. All of them are art forms of choice that I'm truly proud of.
TIMING and GRACE in Business Development
Wednesday, 10, September 2014
My talk at the 12TH YOUTH CONGRESS ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Harnessing the Power of Me INTRODUCTION First of all, I just want to say that I am feeling so good today! Today I get to share with you my learnings as a technopreneur and I get to perform for a tango event later. I've been looking forward to both and I can't contain my excitement... talk about perfect timing! In conducting business, performing tango or expressing myself in everything I do, TIMING AND GRACE are key factors to my success. My 10 year experience as a technopreneur has taught me this and it is what I would like to impart to you, the next generation of technopreneurs, to help you harness the power that is YOU!
Too BLESSED to be Stressed: 5 Ways to Beat Stress
Thursday, 4, September 2014
Stress is a staple in our everyday lives, whether big or small, dealing with it is quite a chore. But fortunately, we can all do something about it. Here's my list of effective stress busters based on my firsthand experience. I guarantee that they are effective! :)
The Attitude of Gratitude
Wednesday, 3, September 2014
Life is a recipe of challenges- these challenges make it more flavor-filled and sweeter. Having friends and loved ones to cheer us up is something we should be thankful for every single day. From my family, to my line of work, to my friends- I feel honored to have them here with me. I treat each and everyone of them as my pillars of strength and wisdom. A support system that knows no boundaries.
The Inner Beauty of Competition Realized
Wednesday , 26, August 2014
I love the concept of competing. It gives me the drive to be my best in what I do. Recently, I started preparing for a dance competition and I am so looking forward to it. Coming off victorious from many competitions myself, I am in love with winning. But this time, my definition of winning has changed. I've just realized that engaging in competition alone is already taking home the bacon.
The Kira Nike Doernbecher Dunk Sky High: Happiness Magnified with Every Step.
Wednesday, 20, August 2014
There's nothing like daydreaming about your M.C.S. (Most Coveted Shoe, yeah I made that up.) It's just that feeling like you just don't want it, you NEED it... really BAD. Well, the last few months have been a few purchases here and there to numb the heartache of not being able to own the apple of my eye. It's a sad fact that no matter how many shoes you purchase, there's the one that got away.
The Calming Force of Change
Monday, 18, August 2014
Last weekend, I was interviewed by students asking me how I got to adapt to this healthier path, this lifestyle that entails so much discipline and commitment. In fact, I used to find excuses and look for the easier way out. It then struck me, that I've finally come to terms with myself... I call it my inner peace. It's a state wherein you just accept the way things are, that if you're always in denial, you will never make that move successfully. You come to terms with the premise that with acceptance comes natural change. It flows organically, a chain reaction, a string of great events that will never happen if you don't accept and make actions.
Setting Everything in Motion
Friday, 8, August 2014
In business it's all about knowing yourself and your target market. Makes for an effective practice. That's the main topic I decided to tackle when I was tapped by Entrepreneur Philippines for their "Start It Up Diaries." Writing it was like facing a mirror and examining myself and what my businesses have become. I can safely say that I'm definitely practicing what I'm preaching. From the very beginnings of Youphoric Labs to my other venture of love- Shoephoric.
A PREVIEW of BIGGER Things to Come
Monday, 28, July 2014
It's always rewarding to see other institutions that you respect feature you on their very pages. This month I am very honored to be featured by Preview Magazine. This marks my 10th anniversary as a technopreneur... how fast time flies! Just proves to show that if you love doing something and you believe in it, you'll never take notice of time. Flipping through the pages, this one takes home the cake as it encompasses 10 years of my work. From my bedroom setup to finally seeing my vision to reality and helping other startups get started on their dreams as well. Not to mention my other passions like Shoephoric and The Playground by PHS.
PHSical: An Exclusive Workout that Pumps You Up... Inside and Out!
Saturday, 5, July 2014
PHSical is a uniquely put-together program that combines strength and conditioning with dance and yoga. The result is a well-calculated formula workout that promotes a strong, agile, flexible and graceful body. Each discipline has their key purpose in bringing out optimum results in one's physical appearance and performance. Every part of the program has a corresponding expert for each session- assuring you the whole nine yards of fitness in a short span of time.
That Unstoppable Feeling
Tueday, 24, June 2014
There are times when you suddenly have that feeling in your gut where you are at your strongest, that the distance between you and your dreams is suddenly blurred, it's that state of mind that tugs you and gets you to just give 101% in everything you do. That's where I'm at right now. That sweet place of strength that just gets me to live life to the fullest. Instead of just settling for less, I exhaust all options because I believe I can achieve more. The secret is a line you should start applying to your daily life... every morning when you wake up you say "I AM UNSTOPPABLE!" It may sound weird at first but once it gets inside you, your mindset will dictate your actions and court success. It's all in the mind.
Stop, Cook and Listen!
Thursday, 19, June 2014
I find it really fun to share anything that moves me and makes me happy. I am way beyond stoked and excited for this second cooking demo at LifeScience that I will be doing for Mom bloggers. It's the joy of preparing the most healthy food possible in a fun and creative manner- easy to prepare and delicious at the same time! Not to be short on recipes from my ever rich imagination, my cooking demo will be composed of the following parts, each recipe can be enjoyed separately or together as a full course meal. DIG IN!
Ann's Dairy Free Ice Cream: A Guilt-free Treat to Beat
Wednesday, 11, June 2014
Who doesn't like Ice Cream? It's a treat that brings back our inner kid. It gives us a much needed cool down and it's a quick fix for the sweet tooth in all of us. When I was younger, I've always had a soft spot for these cold treats but because I'm lactose intolerant, the side effects kick in as soon as I've finished my cup, regardless of what flavor it is. And now that I have the resources and the know-how, I can make my own... guilt free and dairy free goodness, without scrimping on flavor, texture and taste! I introduce to you my latest passion project, a tasty venture into the sweet world of alternative Ice Cream goodness... Ann's Dairy Free Ice Cream - a guilt free, much healthier alternative without compromising on the traditional and artisanal flavor that we've all come to love! It's Ice Cream after all!
We Have A Winner!
Friday, 30, May 2014
I've been really excited, tempted even to announce this one ahead of time! It's the perfect way to cap off the week. So here it goes... The Exclusive RWMK Prize Package which contains... 3 Food Detective Kits (PHP 25,500.00 value) P10,000.00 worth of Mall Of Kitchen GCS P10,000.00 worth of Healthy Options GCs 1 Jaffle Maker Breville (PHP 5,499.00 value) with 2 Months PHS Training at The Playground by PHS. goes out to Ms. Rosalyn Tamayo for subscribing to www.annjacobe.com!
The Breville Original 74 Jaffle Maker: Classic. Modern. Delicious!
Sunday, May 25, 2014
Being a foodie (although more selective these days) has let me tap into my other love, that is preparing kitchen masterpieces that my family and friends can enjoy. The original Breville jaffle maker was released to the public in 1974. It was the first electric toasted snack maker to seal the edges and cut a sandwich in half. Now reissued as a Limited Edition version with a modern twist, The Original '74 Jaffle Maker by Breville makes it possible for me to create dishes otherwise are served in high end restaurants and coffee shops... much love included, because I make them.
My Tango Withdrawal Syndrome: My Way with Moves... and Words
Tuesday, 21, May 2014
It's been a few days already, but I still am not over it just yet... Last week was the Tango Festival, and now just like every year, I've been consistently getting this Tango Withdrawal Syndrome. Every day since last week, I've been in a state of euphoria and the feeling is so overwhelming that the experience brought out my inner poetic/artsy self... this is the outcome, so dig in and enjoy, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed wordcrafting it...
Happy Birthday My Hardcore Sister!
Friday, 17, May 2014
With you, I'm not afraid to soar and explore the possibilities because I am aware that if I fail and falter, you'll be there to pick me up and make me feel strong again. With you, I am more daring, yet calculated, wiser in every step I make. You balance everything out and give me that extra boost of energy when I need it. Without you I couldn't have achieved everything faster than I did... and I'm forever thankful. I can only wish you the best that life can offer because you deserve it. May you be happy, strong and healthy so that we can continue what we've started and chase our dreams together!
Shoephoric Reasons: The Shoephoric Shops Launch
Thursday, 9, May 2014
Shoes are definitely on top of my priority list. They play a huge role in my outfit choices for the day and I find it awesome to share this hobby of mine with everyone- every single day! That was the primary objective for www.shoephoric.com. After a lot of planning that went on and on for over a year and with my experience as a customer and a service provider, I believe that NOW is the perfect time to open the SHOEPHORIC SHOPS to give all collectors, merchants and resellers a PLATFORM TO BUY AND SELL SHOES ONLINE. All I can say is that I'm in a state of shoephoria! Let me count the reasons why:
Celebrating Woman Power: The Daybreak Experience
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
What I want is for every young woman out there to seek what they love and always be hungry. That hunger can translate onto bigger and better things unimaginable. But it is possible, a little luck and a lot of heart is the way to go. As quoted by Tim Robbins: "You have to seize an opportunity when it presents itself" and in my humble opinion it pays for us women to always be prepared and ready to go all out when the time comes. We know what we want and we will get at it, it's only a matter of time. I might go a bit 90's on this but indeed girl power will always be a force to be reckoned with.
Flyoga: Get your Natural High... On the Fly!
Friday, 25, April 2014
Over the years I am pretty honored to work with the best people, from the IT industry to my overall quest for a healthier lifestyle. Let me take the opportunity to introduce you to my teacher in Yoga of 4 years- Isla Rosete. Deep into those years of Yoga training, she introduced me to something awesome... something to push me out of my comfort zone, something to sweep me of my feet... it was Flyoga. She had me at hello! Isla had the opportunity to be trained by Flyoga founder, Reiko Soo. Through Isla's acquired knowledge and training, I was also able to appreciate the beauty of this practice... it was so fun and satisfying! Where can you find the ultimate cross between Yoga and Dance that you can do with the people you love? I am getting a natural high on my own supply!
The Power of Positivity
Tuesday, 15, April 2014
Being on top of things begins with having an optimistic mindset, with all the stress and the toxicity around us, I can understand why it becomes more and more of a challenge to maintain it, let alone influence others. But we can't let negativity win over us right? The word optimism comes from the word optimus, which means "best". It's a generalization that an optimistic individual always finds the best in every bad situation and sees the most positive of possibilities with EVERY dilemma. For me, when I was starting out, the odds were definitely not in my favor, but I chose to keep a sunny disposition. Curveballs thrown at me were learning curves that made me a better person and all the negative elements contributed to what I am enjoying right now! And the process continues.
Bliss Balls: The tasty bliss that you can't miss
Monday, 14, April 2014
Why the "Bliss" in Bliss Balls? Heavenly tasting and nutritious... Here are the blissful reasons why you need them on your next menu... 1. Sweeten the deal! Natural sugar like coconut sugar, dates and honey are awesome for the sweet tooth in you because they are healthier alternatives to refined sugar. 2. Go nuts, power up with protein, get a heap of healthy fats! Perfect for curbing your appetite as they make you feel full... without the guilt!
The Magic Embrace of Argentine Tango!
Tuesday, 8, April 2014
Over the years, I have learned to treat Tango as something I do with much passion and gusto. Of course, at first you start learning the ropes. Awkwardly, you take in the steps as you learn to move with the music. Over time, you become less conscious of the techniques and your emotions kick in- it becomes SECOND NATURE, A MUSCLE MEMORY. While your movement is focused and mindful, you let the music take precedence. It becomes less of a lesson and more of a meditative experience. The feeling is inexplicably AWESOME!!
Catching the Wave and Inspiring Others
Thursday, 3, April 2014
Now that summer is here. I feel like I have the creative license to compare my drive and enthusiasm to the burning heat of the sun... it's unwavering and cannot be stopped, it's intense and powerful! With that being said, I can feel waves of energy coming my direction, and it feels so good!
Come out and play! The Playground by PHS, now open for trial classes!
Wednesday, 2, April 2014
I am always animated when something comes up, but not THIS animated!! We are officially opening the doors of The Playground by PHS with trial classes starting April 2-16! We have a whopping full line up of yoga, training and dancing in store for everyone! I'm really excited about this because through this awesome new venue, I can share with you and unlock the benefits of exercising and having fun at the same time in the company of your friends! It's like having a gimmick and a health activity in one pro-active environment! Also, we encourage you to take advantage of our pre-opening rates so you can get first dibs on how it is to move, groove and bond your way to a better you! See you!!
An April to Remember: The Power of Words
Tuesday, 1, April 2014
To wake up with positive vibrations can make a huge difference! It's all about feeling good and letting the universe know that you actually do! Feel free to enjoy and share the 31 Positive Affirmation quotes from the PHS freEbook to keep you inspired and hyped! Nothing comes close to a daily dose of inspiration to keep the ball rolling! We may think they are just words but the power of words can change the course of the world! High fives and good vibes all around!
Calm and Proud
Wednesday, 26, March 2014
I am really pleased to announce the launch of Certified Calm's ecommerce website www.certifiedcalm.com. We have been instrumental in its construction and we're very proud of its completion! It's pretty rewarding to see something that you totally embrace and support come to fruition. Do check out their page as they have a really diverse lineup of products to empower the active woman in you!
Breaking Barriers - Inspire Camp Talk (in full audio)
Tuesday, 25, March 2014
Last Friday's DLSU Google Campus Week talk was definitely one of the speaking engagements in my book. Through it, I had the opportunity to share my story with others. It was a fulfilling and a heartfelt one. Presenting it and having people get a glimpse of my life as a start up as well as the fruition of my dream advocacies was pretty emotional. Judging from the feedback I got, I hope I've left the attendees with a spark of inspiration. It's all about following your dreams, breaking the barriers and making them come true! Here's a recorded version of the exact speech I did if you want to hear my inspirational (ahem!) piece in all it's recorded audio glory!
Be FIT for Change Cooking Demo
Monday, 24, March 2014
I had a blast at LifeScience sharing my favorite kitchen creations! It was really fun sharing what I've learned as I try to find healthier alternatives to foods that I shouldn't eat because of my intolerances. I love eating, that is a fact that I live by. But I also am very mindful of what I eat. Ever since I found out my food intolerances, I filtered out the food that I know my body cannot properly assimilate like egg whites, wheat and cow's milk. I often wonder why whenever I eat any of them, I would feel bloated or have headache or the worst is suffer from stomach flu. There are occasions though like when I travel and they got the most amazing cuisine that can only be had in this place, then I give in but in moderation. Like Dr Joseph Rosenthal, Author of Integrative Nutrition said: "It's not what you eat some of the time. It is what you eat most of the time."
A Winning Welcome
Friday, March 21, 2014
I'm very excited to announce that one lucky www.annjacobe.com subscriber will get a chance to take home her very own Reunited With My Kitchen Prize Package! This is perfectly in line with the lifestyle I am enjoying right now... and simply by subscribing to my newsletter,you have a chance to WIN and power up your kitchen! Imagine the following, coming your way: 3 Food Detective Kits (PHP 25,500.00 value) P10,000.00 worth of Mall Of Kitchen GCS P10,000.00 worth of Healthy Options GCs 1 Jaffle Maker Breville (PHP 5,499.00 value) Let me say, thank you to the kind sponsors involved in making this possible! I will be posting the lucky winner on May 30, 2014! Good Luck!
Better Eats. Better Treats: Reunited With My Kitchen
Friday, March 21, 2014
Let me get you in on something: to tell you the truth, I was literally a foodie. New places to eat were a part of my daily checklist. I found eating as a gastronomically rewarding rituaI. I loved the experience of ordering, appreciating the visuals and finally, reaching a state of taste euphoria. It was always something to look forward to. Physical activities were a part of my "To-Do" list to even out all the eating, but it seems to me that I can't keep a steady rhythm in maintaining my habits. The frequency of my dance and yoga sessions were dependent on my work and family schedules and my social activities that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. A healthy lifestyle was practically becoming an "event" than a habit for me. I then decided that I have to stick to the plan and finally take charge of my health. I can be healthy and realized that what I was missing the whole time was will power and conviction for a healthier 2013.
Project Hardcore Sisterhood (PHS): Dreams do come true!
Friday, March 21,2014
When you do something that you and your friends love, it is not going to come off like a chore. It will be second nature, simply because you love it. Without it, you feel incomplete. To have more time for "that thing" I love doing with my friends, we came up with THE PLAYGROUND BY PHS RIGHT BELOW THE YOUPHORIC LABS OFFICE. This hatched from my dream to have another avenue for me to share what I am passionate about and hopefully help others in ways that it has benefited me - a balanced and satisfying healthy lifestyle in the company of people I trust and love... and the best thing is that it is almost done!
Still looking for a Hackerspace Hotspot to Skyrocket your Startup? Welcome to Palet Express!
Friday, March 21, 2014
Excitement for me is an understatement when it comes to sharing what I know. Hopefully I can contribute and help anybody who is willing to listen. I fondly remember those times when being a Technopreneur was totally unheard of. It was a whole new ball game, yet there was something in me that wanted to push myself further. I wanted to learn new things and mix and match them up with what I know. Establishing yourself is a collage of trials and errors but for me it was always about going all out and taking risks. But it's not that easy, especially when you're just starting up your business operation on a limited budget. I want to see a new generation of start-ups who are much braver and much more curious to do and achieve even more... and I believe that's what the Palet Express can do... ignite and reinforce their passions!
A Reason to be Shoephoric! New Version Up and Running Soon!
Friday March 21, 2014
As you all know, my love for shoes go the extra mile. Whether it is helping a movement, building communities or getting likeminded people involved, I definitely am into turning my passion for shoes my medium in getting the MESSAGE OF POSITIVITY across. I am more than excited to announce that finally, the latest version of Shoephoric (www.shoephoric.com) will be up and running sooner than you think! The website aims to achieve more interaction with individuals who share the same passion for shoes as I do. It's an online haven that aims to bring everyone together for the love of heels or Air Jordans, it's basically the same thing... it's for the love of shoes!