Monday, April 20, 2022
An Affirmation to Remove Subconscious Blocks

Subconscious blocks, I think of them as obsolete programs that run automatically in the background.

This program is in the form of what we’ve been told or what we've seen and experienced growing up. These are limiting beliefs, self-imposed boundaries, scarcity mindset and negative tendencies.

In order to stop this old program from running, a new code is needed to replace it. A code that can help accomplish what may seem daunting and impossible with the old one.

This affirmation is the code for conscious creation. When we no longer operate under the old program, we can create a life that’s based on our sincerest of intentions and grandest of dreams.

Sharing this with you is a part of my deepest desire to create ripples of positivity.

"I am where I need to be.
I have what I need to be here.
I am supported and secured.

I create from my wishes.
My conscious thoughts all manifest
the life I desire.

I am empowered to act at will.
My power is beyond external pressures and limiting beliefs.
I am an unstoppable force of creation.

Love is my strength.
I show up to life with compassion.
When I project it around me, I get surrounded by it in return.

My voice resonates with the light.
My hopes and prayers are the expressions of my truth.
I feel the affirmation that I am heard.

I visualize a home within me
Where I find guidance, wisdom and inspiration
Where I can always inquire with the Divine so I can be enlightened.

Everyday I sit with my emotions.
I channel them into my devotion.
So I can consciously choose to be aware...

That I am here, empowered.
Filled with love and light.
Blessed with infinite potential."