Sunday, 1 December 2019
My Heart's Deepest Desire

I’m in awe of the past Full Moon’s synchronicities. It speaks to me in the most cosmic ways possible.

Gazing at it during its peak, I wondered what message awaits me.

On that fateful day, I witnessed a multimedia exhibit. The symmetry of the lights and graphics and the music that accompanied it felt like I was in the middle of a healing light and sound bath. It’s the equal parts of visual and aural treats that fed my need for something deeper, something that dialogues with my mind, body and soul.

As fate would have it, symmetry was present in my room where I had been staring at the art displayed on my wall. I felt I had to lie down, close my eyes and hold my breath- it was beauty with so much meaning.

I then saw a symmetrical figure of the symbol that could convey and represent my current state and what I’m becoming as well. I rose and drew this symmetrical symbol.

The circle represents life like the moon which at its brightest state is the fullest. The crescents inside represents the waxing and waning phases of life.

I would like to refer to the petals with dots as representation of our upper Chakras or Energy Centers while the ones without the dots represent the lower Chakras.

The circle being the Heart, the middle Chakra which connects to all the elements. It represents connection and centeredness.

The wavy circle that completes the figure is all about my heart’s deepest desire of creating infinite ripples of positivity.

The song I then heard at the exhibit still plays in my mind. It’s O Fortuna. It’s a grand classic song but I never really tapped into it and find out what it means. I then did my research and this is how the lyrics read:

O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis,
semper crescis
aut decrescis;

The English meaning is:

O fortune
Like the moon
ever growing
and waning;

Oh, synchronicity! It’s the moon’s message. Our life, our fortune, like the moon, waxes and wanes. Sometimes we feel lost and empty but there are times we are full. It’s telling me not to be complacent. It’s telling me to keep growing and keep shining my light even in the darkest of places.

I’m grateful for this message. I’m grateful for this inspiration on this serendipitous Full Moon.

In my meditation the following day, I saw lights passing through a tube in my body from my sit bones to the top of my head showering me with light. At the same time I saw lights from above entering my crown running through that tube going down my body and spreading around me. It felt like I was covered by infinite lobes of lights.

These lights, the moon and auspicious symmetries as well as my journey all are represented in this symbol that is both finite and infinite. I know that this is the symbol of My Highest Self.

My Highest Self

I am grounded
and guided.
I am centered
and connected.
I am balanced
and beaming with light.
I am empowered
to manifest miracles.
Anchored in love
and gratitude.

I know my truth.
I see my Self.
I speak my truth
I hear my Self.
I love my Self and
I am loved for my truth.
I act on my truth.
I feel my truth.
I have my Self.

I am light.
I am free.
I am growing
in all aspects.
I am transforming
and continually expanding.
I am being as
I am becoming.
My Highest Self -
Finite and infinite.