Friday, 1, May 2020
Track Your Moon Centers

In my practice of Kundalini Yoga, I learned about this most amazing technology about women’s Moon Centers.These are sensitive physical areas of our body that are responsive to lunar energies and affect us emotionally, mentally and physically.

1. We have 11 Moon Centers: arcline, brows, earlobes, cheeks, lips, neck/nape, breast, navel, vagina, clitoris and inner thighs.

2. Every moon center has a positive, neutral and negative side to it.

3. Our moon center changes every 2.5 days over a 28 day cycle.

4. Our emotions shift every time we transition to our next moon center.

5. Each of us has a unique and specific cycle and sequence.

6. This sequence never changes (unless there’s an emotional shock)

Now I no longer question myself for having fluctuating emotions - one day I feel so organized and focused, the next day sees me powerless and commotional.

It’s not me! It’s my moon center, it’s my nature as a woman! I’m not a lunatic, I’m lunar!

Knowing my moon center sequence gave me the power to use the days where my moon center is strong for my advantage so I take care of myself on days when I feel my moon center is weak.

It has been 4 cycles now that I have been tracking my emotions after I was able to decode my Moon Center sequence. It has done wonders in understanding my own emotions saving me from harmful self-generated negativities.

It was like being my own therapist. It became my roadmap towards my emotional stability and freedom.

If you want to understand and decode your Moon Center sequence, we created an app which you can use to deal with your emotions, record and track them. By the end of a 28 day cycle, we’ll send your Moon Center sequence. You may continue to verify it for a few more cycles until you are convinced that your sequence is consistent in each cycle.

My hope is for you to understand yourself on a deeper level, to accept and be more forgiving to yourself - through this app for self-love based on ancient yogic technology.

Download the app “Track Your Moon Centers” now. 

App Store https://apple.co/2VRPz5N

Google Play https://bit.ly/3f7d5Dt

Visit www.mooncenter.app to learn more.