Thursday, 19 December 2019
A Message From My Inner Child

I'm your inner child. Let me re-introduce myself so you'll remember our fond memories together.

Since then, I already knew that I really am special. I was playful and I loved to dance. I would always look up to my older sister who is a very graceful dancer. I never fail to have that smile on my face as I look at her with admiration thinking maybe I would not be able to dance as gracefully as her. I don't know why I thought of that, but it didn't stop me from dancing. I wanted to learn ballet but I thought we do not have an access to it growing up in the province, but still I continued to dance in my own way.

Growing up, I felt so secure with the love that my Lola gave me. She influenced me in appreciating and embracing beauty, fashion, art and music. She was the embodiment of joy and grace. She adored me so much she finds my awkwardness to be amusing. She made me confident. She was my model of unwavering love and support.

Dad and mom loved me so much too. I knew they would give me everything. I have a very loving, caring, selfless Mom. She showed me the meaning of a mother's unconditional love.

Dad is very giving too. He just seemed frustrated at life sometimes. He is a hard worker. He would do anything to provide for us. I think he wanted to give us more and that is what frustrates him so please tell Dad he is the best! He has given us something more than what money could buy. He gave us good hearts and he taught us humility.

As you can see I am full of love, passion and hope. However, the imprints of comparing and competing while growing up, subconsciously told us to want more, to get more and be more of.

As I grew up to be you, my passion for life was bridled by religious beliefs, social standards and self-imposed limitations.

I have been waiting for this time when you can find me again. I'm thankful you chose to take the journey within. Do you remember me now?

I am you. We are one so let's stand in the light. Together, let's be our true self - loving, joyful and full of dreams. Let's not grow apart and stumble again. Let us dissolve those feelings of lack- we are abundant. We are surrounded by love. Do not curtail your passion. Courage, my dear. We're in this together!

Always have hope. It ushered us into light.

Now that we are together in our new adventure and united in our identity, let's thread this path with our power. This inner child and you at this present moment are going to be our Highest Self. Let's bring more love, inspire passion and share this wisdom to all.

Let's journey on. Blessed be.