Tuesday, 10 March 2020
You Are Your Bliss: 5 Steps To Find Your Own

My meditation practice has anchored me in so many ways. I would admit it took me a while to establish a non-negotiable daily habit. 

I have tried different meditation techniques but it was only after following these 5 progressive steps which can be done under 10 minutes that I was able to build a consistent and deeper meditation practice.

These are the benefits I got from this guide :

1. Relaxation

A guarantee when I set aside 10 minutes for myself and just flow through it. It’s my go-to Calm Pill. 

2. Clarity

We scroll through our phones and we see all sorts of information from purely factual to hyped and fear-generating fake news.

These enter our subconscious and without knowing it, we wake up one day feeling the paranoia. 

This meditation always clears my mind of negative thoughts and inspires me to make the most out of my day. Fear replaced with assurance that there’s nothing I can’t figure out.

3. Inner Bliss

I used to look outside myself to be happy. Through this meditation, I started to access a feeling of pure joy that emanates from within me.

Slowly, I was able to associate it with my essence and eventually it led me to realize that I am indeed my own bliss. 

I would like to invite you to try this meditation exercise if you want to dive deep into yourself.

It’s all about bringing awareness into our BODY, BREATH, MIND, HEART and ultimately finding INNER BLISS. 

Simply set aside a few minutes of your time for this exercise preferably before starting your busy day.

Tidy up yourself and find a quiet space as you would when you pray.

Invoke guidance that you may be open-hearted as you go through these steps.

Once you’ve completed them, stay still for a bit more in order to savor your experience.

May you find the missing piece by finding your inner bliss.

Stay inspired 💖